Ted McGrath and Woodworking Explained

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are one of the best guides you can get online. It is a product available online, a result of the authors’ many experiences and lessons learned from the craft. There are awesome features of this one of a kind product. These will be outlined in this review.

The eBook is a huge collection of projects and plans developed and put together by Ted McGrath. He is a master woodworker, a teacher and an AWI member. The downloadable book is made up of over 16,000 woodworking projects and plans. These may be used in building your home and filling it with furniture.

This instructional package is the most complete collection of blueprints and plans available online. The question is, how does the product fare alongside other woodworking kits today? Is it worth the money and the time? Will it really help the master handicraftsman and even the beginner in their thirst for more knowledge? This review serves to answer these questions.

Here are the positive points about the package. Users will be able to use this package for professional means. There are projects that suit the more advanced skill level without alienating the beginners. Simply put, there is something for everyone in this package. Whether you are new to the world of handicraft, or have been practicing the art for years, you will gain insightful knowledge about the industry from the book. Ted McGrath has packed them all in one comprehensive product.

Much needed confidence will be built in the beginner as he practices the skills and techniques instructed in the book. As the beginner steps up, he will encounter more designs to fully complement his acquired knowledge. The plans that are detailed here are of high quality and will encourage and inspire artists and handicraftsmen to practice their craft thoroughly.

Bonuses that you can look forward to as part of the package from Ted McGrath are: a free DWG/ CAD plan viewer 2, a guide on how you can start your own woodworking business 3) a complete guide to the craft 4) the complete carpentry guide which is jam packed with almost 200 pages of exclusive tips and tricks of the trade. The complete package serves to help anyone in whatever skill level to hone his building skills.

The book is put together well in an organized manner. Projects are easily searchable through a search feature. The best part about the book may be the money back guarantee that it comes with. This feature sets it apart from other downloadable books on the craft that does not have that policy. If you don’t agree that this book is one of the best resources you can get about building projects, you will get your money back.

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