Interior House Painting – Painting Trim and Woodwork

Hi and welcome back to “What Interior House Paint goes where and why” for your interior house painting in particular when painting trim and woodwork! If you’re reading this entry that means you’re interested in getting the right interior house paint on your trims or woodwork. So let’s get right to it. Firstly, it’s so very important to prepare and have woodwork ready for finish coats.

It’s not the interior painting of top coats that make woodwork or for that matter any surface look good. It’s the prep that you have to get right, but I’m here to talk about finish or top coats. There are a couple of good choices when it comes to trims and woodwork.

There are acrylic finishes which are water borne or water based which are very good for the environment and ozone friendly too :-) . Years ago acrylic glosses or interior glosses just couldn’t cut it. Their formulas were very thick and didn’t have the gutsy coverage that was needed to get the job done.

But these days they not only saw the need to go green and easy on the environment but put thought and technology into their formulas. The result is they have produced a real high quality interior gloss that can match or is equivalent to its counterpart gloss enamel or oil based interior house paint.

Now oil based glosses or enamels have their good points also and some of these points is why I enjoy using this product over the water based one. Such as when using or applying oils, depending whether or not the surface has been prepared properly, can get a beautiful glossy mirror finish that you could brush your hair in or put your make up on with, in which case can give you a very rewarding finish.

Myself, I prefer the oil type especially when it comes to doors and trims because they tend to get knocked around a bit and enamels tend to take the hard knocks that little bit better. They are a little trickier to apply but practice makes perfect right!

Now if both of these types of paints are applied properly you can get a very tough, durable and impressive finish that has good cleaning properties and will last a long time. It’s your call really, will you go water based or oil, whatever choice you make can be a good one. Good luck with your interior painting and I’m sure you’ll make the right one. So stick around and I’ll teach you what interior house paint to apply for your kitchen and wet areas in your home…

And happy painting… Wayne the painter


Wayne Smith is a Professional Painter, has be

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